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Network News

Will Dow Presents at Expert Meeting Group on Priorities for Improved Survival

Will Dow presented on the use of incentives in health care at an Expert Group Meeting on “Priorities for Improved Survival: ICPD beyond 2014” at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in October 2013. Dow discussed arguments and evidence on using positive incentives as a development tool to increase the use of health services or improve health behaviors. His presentation and paper discuss ethical concerns, program design, and a wide range of research findings, including a study by deWalque et al on the use of cash incentives to reduce risky sexual behaviors, which was funded as part of the Hewlett PopPov Initiative.

PopPov Researchers in The Review of Income and Health Special Issue: Poverty, Development, and Behavioral Economics

The new special issue of The Review of Income and Health includes articles by PopPov Researchers Bertil Tungodden and Ben D'Exelle. "Do Non-Enforceable Contracts Matter? Evidence from an International Lab Experiment," co-authored by Dr. Tungoden, studies repayment decisions in the presence of non-enforceable loan contracts in Norway and Tanzania. Dr. D'Exelle's article, "Aid Distribution and Cooperation in Unequal Communities," examines aid distribution and cooperation in a field lab in rural Nicaragua.

Click here for the full issue.

Researcher News

Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue (Cornell) and Gervais Beninguisse (IFORD) recently participated in the Conférence Internationale et Symposium National sur le Dividende Démographique en Afrique.

PopPov wishes to congratulate our partners, the African Economic Research Consortium, on celebrating 25 years of excellence in capacity building and economic research. Read more here.

The South African Presidency recently awarded SALDRU the contract for the implementation of the fourth wave of the National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS). NIDS is a panel study of approximately 28,000 individuals who are tracked over time in order to aid our understanding of the changing circumstances of South Africans. SALDRU has been the implementation agency for this survey since its inception in 2008.

Kathleen Beegle, Ben D'Exelle, Claus Portner, and Joshua Wilde recently participated in the CSAE Conference on Economic Development in Africa.

Murray Leibbrandt co-authored "Educational Inheritance and the Distribution of Occupations: Evidence from South Africa," available in the Review of Income and Wealth.

"Tip of the Iceberg: Reporting and Gender-Based Violence in Developing Countries," co-authored by Amber Peterman, was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Click here for details.

The latest publications from David Canning:

  • Non-parametric estimation of data dimensionality prior to data compression: The case of the human development index. (2013) Journal of Applied Statistics 40 (9) PP. 1853 - 1863
  • Is human development multidimensional? (2013) Journal of International Development 25 (4) PP. 445 - 455
  • Axiomatic foundations for cost-effectiveness analysis. (2013) Health Economics (United Kingdom) 22 (12) PP. 1405 - 1416

David Lam will serve as a discussant during the Migration session of the Economic Demography Workshop taking place at PAA 2014 in Boston.