Household Income and Savings

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IconImage Can Expansion of Markets for Groundwater Decelerate the Depletion of Groundwater Resource in Rural India? Mar 2008
IconImage Economies of Courtship: Matrimonial Transactions and the Construction of Gender and Class Inequalities in Egypt Dec 2010
IconImage Fertility and Poverty: The Role of Gender and Reproductive Health Dec 2010
IconImage Fertility and the Role of Children in Household Risk-Management in Rural West Africa Dec 2010
IconImage Household Responses to the Financial Crisis In Indonesia: Longitudinal Evidence on Poverty, Resources and Well-Being Jan 2007
IconImage Inequality and the Sustainability of Agricultural Productivity Growth: Groundwater and the Green Revolution in Rural India Feb 2008
IconImage Population and Development in Ethiopia: Investigating the Impact of Fertility on Household Economy (Emphasis on Selected Case Studies in Amhara National Regional State) Dec 2010
IconImage Poverty, Gender Inequities, and Sexual/Reproductive Health: An Impact Evaluation of a Combined Economic and Psycho-social Intervention in Southern Tanzania Dec 2010
IconImage Public Provision and Protection of Natural Resources: Groundwater Irrigation in Rural India Nov 2007
IconImage Reproductive and Overall Health Outcomes and Their Economic Consequences for Household in Accra, Ghana Oct 2008
IconImage Social Consequences, Costs, and Coping Strategies for Living With AIDS Orphans in the Households at Shaki and Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria: A Preliminary Report Sep 2009
IconImage The Effects of Obstetric Complications and Their Costs on the Long-Term Economic and Social Well Being of Women and Their Families in Burkina Faso Dec 2008
IconImage Welfare Consequences of Coresidence With the Mother-In-Law in Patriarchal Joint Families for Women and Children: Evidence From India and Bangladesh Dec 2010
IconImage Women’s Property Rights and Gendered Policies: Implications for Women’s Long-Term Welfare in Rural Tanzania Dec 2010