Fertility and the Role of Children in Household Risk-Management in Rural West Africa

Last updated December 2010
Anne Kielland, Morten Bøås
The research aims to identify and document the various roles children play in the household risk-management efforts of poor rural families in West Africa. Mechanisms related to child mobility will be a main focus. On the one hand, does child mobility allow for higher fertility, and on the other hand, does it play a strategic role in the mitigation and coping efforts of households dealing with critical risks and shocks? Two main types of shocks serve as central variables: those related to the impact of climatic shocks on household production (covariate), and those related to the death of an adult breadwinner in the household (idiosyncratic).

Contact Information:
Anne Kielland, aki@fafo.no; Morten Bøås, mbo@fafo.no, Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies