Poverty, Gender Inequities, and Sexual/Reproductive Health: An Impact Evaluation of a Combined Economic and Psychosocial Intervention in Southern Tanzania

Last updated December 2010

Will Dow

This project will evaluate the impact of a combined economic and psychosocial intervention on individual-level and household-level economic outcomes and sexual/reproductive health outcomes, among youth and young people ages 18 to 30 in a rural area of southern Tanzania. In addition to assessing impact using standard indicators of sexual/ reproductive health and economic well-being, we will examine links between gender-based power and increased control in the domain of sexual and reproductive health attributable to the intervention on economic outcomes. We thus explore a key and understudied pathway linking sexual/reproductive health investments to microeconomic outcomes, including earnings, patterns of household consumption, and levels of savings and investment.
Contact Information:
Will Dow, wdow@berkeley.edu, University of California, Berkeley, Ifakara Health Research and Development Centere, The University of California, San Francisco, The World Bank