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IconImage Characterization of Reproductive Health Services and Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Family Planning Provision in Thika District, Kenya Jan 2009
IconImage Conditional Cash Transfers and HIV Prevention Dec 2010
IconImage Cost Effectiveness of Reproductive Health Interventions in Uganda: The Case for Family Planning Services Jan 2009
IconImage Declining Fertility, Social Networks, and Culture Dec 2010
IconImage Demand for Reproductive Health Services in Guinea: Determinants of Birth Weight Jan 2009
IconImage Demand of Reproductive Health Services: Case Study on Senegal Jan 2009
IconImage Do Women Increase Their Use of Reproductive Health Care When it Becomes More Available? Evidence From Indonesia Mar 2009
IconImage Economic Evaluation of the Projects Aiming at the Reduction of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Congo Brazzaville Jan 2009
IconImage Environmental Regulations in China and Their Effects on Air Pollution and Infant Mortality Dec 2010
IconImage Experimental Approaches to Assessing the Economic Determinants and Consequences of Contraceptive Adoption in Zambia Oct 2009
IconImage Financial Incentives for Female Births and Parental Investments in Daughters: Evidence from a Program in North India Dec 2010
IconImage Health Risks and Migration in Sub-Saharan Countries Sep 2009
IconImage How Substitutable Are Fixed Factors in Production? Dec 2010
IconImage Measuring Returns to Reproductive Health Services: The Impact of the Global Gag Rule Dec 2010
IconImage Microeconomic Impact of HIV Disease Among Female Bar Workers and Female Hotel Workers in Northern Tanzania Dec 2010
IconImage Public Provision and Protection of Natural Resources: Groundwater Irrigation in Rural India Dec 2010
IconImage Reproductive Health Costs in the Gambia and Burkina Faso Dec 2010
IconImage Social Networks and the Diffusion of Information and Technology in a Biofortification Program in Uganda Sep 2009
IconImage Studies in the Health Economics of Unsafe Induced Abortion in Uganda Sep 2009
IconImage The Consequences of Fertility for Child Health in Kenya: Endogeneity, Heterogeneity and Application of the Control Function Approach Sep 2009
IconImage The Effect of Access to AIDS Treatment on Employment Outcomes in South Africa Sep 2009
IconImage The Effects of Cash Transfer Programs on ECD of Adolescent Girls Dec 2010