Investments in Children

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IconImage Can Expanding Access to Basic Health Care Improve Children’s Health Status? Lessons From Indonesia’s ‘Midwife in the Village’ Program Mar 2005
IconImage Child Quality Over Quantity Dec 2010
IconImage Civil Wars beyond their Borders: The Human Capital and Health Consequences of Hosting Refugees Dec 2010
IconImage Consequences of Family-Building Strategies and Household Composition on Schooling and Child Labor in Urban Burkina Faso Oct 2009
IconImage Demand for Literacy and the Production of Child Health/Nutritional Status in Cameroon Jan 2009
IconImage Demand for Reproductive Health and Child Mortality in Nigeria Jan 2009
IconImage Determinants of Birth Weight in Botswana Jan 2009
IconImage Determinants of Fertility in Ghana Jan 2009
IconImage Determining the Impact of Family Size on Child Welfare Across the Developing World Dec 2010
IconImage Early Childhood Malnutrition and Adult Obesity: Evidence From the 1959-1961 China Famine Dec 2010
IconImage Enhancing the Economic, Health, and Social Capabilities of Highly Vulnerable Youth Nov 2009
IconImage Family Size and Investments in Early Childhood Development in Ecuador Sep 2009
IconImage Gender of Children, Education, and Occupational Choice in Nepal Dec 2010
IconImage Health and Cognitive Outcomes of Early-Life Public Health Intervention: Evidence From Indonesia Dec 2010
IconImage How Beliefs About HIV Affect Fertility, Infant and Child Mortality, and Child Schooling in Rural Malawi Oct 2009
IconImage Implications of High Fertility in Developing Countries: A Multilevel Analysis Dec 2010
IconImage Incidence of Antenatal Healthcare on Children’s Birth Weight in Côte d'Ivoire Jan 2009
IconImage Information, Sexual Behavior, and Health Among Teenagers in Cameroon Sep 2009
IconImage Poverty and Unmet Needs in Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youth in Central Africa Dec 2010
IconImage The Cognitive Link Between in Utero Nutrition and Development: Micronutrient Deficiency, Schooling Attainment, and Economic Outcomes in Tanzania Dec 2010
IconImage Unintended Childbearing and Family Welfare in Rural Malawi Dec 2008