A Dynamic Analysis of the Roll of Growth and Reproductive Health in Poverty: The Case of Zambia

Last updated September 2009

Noah Mutoti; Nchimunya Nkombo

As developing effective anti-poverty policies depends also on a solid base of information, we contribute to this effort by analyzing the interactions among poverty, growth and reproductive health based on analysis of data from the Living Condition and Monitoring Survey (LCMS). The specific objectives are fourfold. The first one is to understand the poverty situation in this Sub-Saharan nation in Section 2. Second, to empirically assess the role growth and reproductive health play in poverty in Section 3. Third, it is to recommend policies necessary for combating poverty. This is contained Section 4, together with an identification of the institutions that have been established to fight poverty.
Contact Information:
Noah Mutoti, nmutoti@boz.zm, and Nchimunya Nkombo, nnkombo@hotmail.com, Central Statistical Office, Zambia