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Age, Education, and Earnings in the Course of Brazilian Development: Does Composition Matter?

  • 2013
  • Journal Article
Amaral, Ernesto F. L.; Potter, Joseph E.; Hamermesh, Daniel S. & Rios-Neto, Eduardo L. G.

Publication Title: Demographic Research

Pages: 581-612

Abstract: The impacts of shifts in the age distribution of the working-age population have been studied in relation to the effect of the baby boom generation on the earnings of different cohorts in the U.S. However, this topic has received little attention in the context of the countries of Asia and Latin America, which are now experiencing substantial shifts in their age-education distributions. In this analysis, we estimate the impact of the changing relative size of the adult male population, classified by age and education groups, on the earnings of employed men living in 502 Brazilian local labor markets during four time periods between 1970 and 2000.


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