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Madagascar Young Adult Transitions Survey

  • 2013
  • Working Paper
Almanza, Catalina Herrera; Aubery, Fred; Marchetta, Francesca; Pelissier, Aurore; Rajemison, Harivelo; Rakotomanana, Faly; Sahn, David & Villa, Kira

Publisher/Institution: CERDI

Abstract: This report provides a preliminary descriptive analysis of the Madagascar Youth Transition Survey 2012–13 (Enquête Statistique sur les itinéraires de vie des jeunes à Madagascar 2012- 13). This survey is the last round of a cohort panel following children from around age 8 (for about half the sample) or age 15 (for the remainder) to their early 20s. The first two surveys were mainly focused on schooling and skills and were complemented by school surveys and by community surveys. This new survey re-interviewed the cohort members and their households and updated the community information. This last round of the survey was designed to improve our understanding of the determinants and impacts of the major life course transitions—involving marriage, family, schooling, and work—of young people in Madagascar. The purpose of this report is to provide the reader with a sense of the scope and nature of the data set and with some information about the lives of young adults in Madagascar.


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