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PopPov Project Map

  • January 2018
  • Project


This map is a visual representation of the countries where the PopPov network of researchers have studied social, health, and economic issues. Each red pin represents a PopPov project and is located in the country of study. Click the “+” icon in the bottom left corner of the map to zoom in on a region of interest, and click on a pin to learn more about the project. You can view a larger version of the map by clicking on the “expand” icon in the upper right corner of the map. In the expanded view, you can use the map’s search function to find projects by funder, principal investigator, keywords, countries, or other terms.

The map’s layers are used to describe the main project outcomes.

Pins in the ocean represent multi-country research projects.

Please send any questions or comments about this map to: [poppov@prb.org]

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