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Adolescent Girls Health Agenda: Study on Intergenerational Health Impacts

  • 2009
  • Working Paper
Canning, David; Finlay, Jocelyn E. & Ozaltin, E.

Abstract: In this document, we provide a series of tables of results detailing child health outcomes and mothers’ characteristics as risk factors. The focus risk factor is mother’s age. We find that when the first born child is born to a young mother (where young is defined as 12‐24 years old), then the child is at a greater risk of dying before the age of 5, being stunted, being underweight, and suffering from anemia. The other risk factors for child mortality and other childhood health outcomes we consider are: whether the child is born before first marriage; whether the mother had first sex before union; if the mother had never used modern contraception; if the mother has not heard of AIDS; mother’s anemia status; if the mother smokes; whether the mother is subject to domestic violence; the mother’s education level; the mother’s BMI; the mother’s household wealth quintile; and the mother’s height.


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