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After June 1, 2017, no new content will be added to www.poppov.org

  • June 2017

Starting June 1, 2017, all new PopPov content and materials will be added to the Population and Poverty (PopPov) Research Network project page located on the PRB website. You can find new resources and information from the PopPov Network on that page.

The PopPov website (www.poppov.org) is still fully searchable, with content dating back to 2006. You can find the following resources on this website:

  • Projects: The Hewlett Foundation and its partners have supported research to improve the evidence base on how population growth affects economic development and to inform medium-term policy issues, based on a research agenda outlined by the Center for Global Development expert working group in 2005. 
  • Publications & Multimedia: Hundreds of journal articles, book chapters, working papers, and dissertations have been produced through the PopPov research initiative and contribute to the evidence base on the links between population dynamics, reproductive health, and economic development. Interviews and reports summarize key findings from the research articles, papers, and dissertations produced through PopPov. 
  • Policy Lessons: The PopPov Initiative has produced research findings that can guide policymakers and program managers on topics surrounding Adolescents, Gender Equality, Nutrition, and Women’s Economic Empowerment. 
  • Researcher News: A listing of notable achievements over the years by PopPov-funded researchers.
  • Researcher Resources: A compilation of resources on topics including Communication Tips, Data Sources, Data Visualization, Educational Resources, Relevant Events, and Stakeholder Listings.
  • Events: A full listing of events applicable to PopPov researchers, including the PopPov Network’s annual research conferences, workshops, trainings, and other international conferences.
  • Opportunities and Calls for Submission: A full listing of job opportunities, fellowships, travel funding, and calls for papers, proposals, awards, and applications from organizations of interest to PopPov researchers. 

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