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Costs of Induced Abortion and Cost-Effectiveness of Universal Access to Modern Contraceptives in Uganda

  • September 2012
  • Report
Mahesh Karra & James Gribble

This research brief highlights findings from two recent studies led by Joseph Babigumira and researchers at the University of Washington and in Uganda. Both studies use health economics methods to:

  • Investigate the economic consequences of not responding to unmet need for contraception.
  • Inform policymakers about the benefits of increasing family planning coverage.

The first study, published in 2011, assesses the costs and the economic burden associated with induced abortions in Uganda; the second study, completed in 2012, examines the potential costs and health benefits to increasing access to modern contraceptives. The two studies agree that provid­ing greater access to contraception in Uganda may be highly cost effective by alleviating unmet need for family planning services, reducing the incidence of induced abortions and abortion-related complica­tions, and promoting overall reproductive health and well-being.




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