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Fifth Annual PopPov Conference on Population, Reproductive Health, and Economic Development

  • January 2011
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The Fifth Annual PopPov Conference on Population, Reproductive Health, and Economic Development took place in Marseille, France, Jan. 19-21, 2011. The Institut de Recherche pour le Développement and Agence Française de Développement, hosted the 2011 meeting.

The meeting brought together the world’s most prominent researchers on population and economic development for the fifth annual gathering of an international Community of Research Practice (CoRP) on Population and Economic Development. Invitees included experts from around the world, with a particular emphasis on African economics researchers and those conducting research in Africa.

As at past conferences of this network, participants learned about ongoing and planned research on how population dynamics and reproductive health affect economic development, and worked together to identify gaps in evidence and methods that inhibit development of sound policies on population, family planning, and reproductive health. We also discussed how to communicate research to decision makers for evidence-based policy.

Last year’s conference in Cape Town demonstrated the maturity of the PopPov Research Network. We have grown substantially over the past five years and now include a diverse group of researchers whose work has great potential to influence population policies and programs in Africa. As we begin to move knowledge and research towards synthesis and communication to other audiences, our conference agenda has become increasingly nuanced. This year, for the first time, we formalized the conference planning process and selected a diverse group of researchers to comprise a scientific program steering committee. (See below for a list of committee members.)

Scientific Program Steering Committee

  • Tony Ao, National Institute for Medical Research
  • Javier Baez, World Bank
  • Jacques Charmes, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
  • Monica Das Gupta, World Bank
  • Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, Cornell University
  • Kelly Hallman, Population Council
  • Anne Kielland, Fafo
  • Nyovani Madise, University of Southampton
  • Thomas Melonio, Agence Française de Développement
  • Rachel Nugent, Center for Global Development
  • Duncan Thomas, Duke University
  • David N. Weil, Brown University
  • Selected Papers

  • Access and Learning Through Information Networks Technology Diffusion: Results From a Partial Population Experiment in Uganda, Scott McNiven, Daniel Gilligan
  • Children’s Stunting in Sub-Saharan Africa: Is There an Externality Effect of High Fertility?, Øystein Kravdal, Ivy Kodzi
  • Endogenous Fertility, Inequality, and Human Capital, Silvia Prina
  • Effects of Fertility Transitions on Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa: From Micro-level to Aggregate Effects, P.M. Eloundou-Enyegue
  • Estimating the Effect of Adolescent Fertility on Educational Attainment in Cape Town Using a Propensity Score Weighted Regression, Vimal Ranchhod, David Lam, Murray Leibbrandt, Leticia Marteleto
  • Fertility, Household Structure, and Female Economic Activity—Evidence From the Women’s Health Study of Accra, Günther Fink, Allan G. Hill
  • Fertility Regulation in an Economic Crisis, Christopher McKelvey, Duncan Thomas, Elizabeth Frankenberg
  • Generating Political Change: Examining the Role of Research-Policy Linkages in Contributing to Policy Development for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Vicky Boydell, Rachel Lander
  • Impact des Politiques de Population sur les Politiques Sectorielles et les Évolutions Démographiques au Burkina Faso, au Mali et au Niger, Jean-Pierre Guengant
  • Labour Supply Responses to Integrating AIDS Treatment With In-Kind Transfers: Evidence From Zambia, Nyasha Tirivayi, Wim Groot
  • The Long-Term Effect of Natural Disasters: Health and Education in Guatemala After the 1976 Earthquake, Priscila Hermida
  • Projecting the Potential Cost-Effectiveness of Universal Access to Modern Contraceptives in Uganda, J.B. Babigumira
  • Reproductive Health Norms, Product and Service Utilization and the Impact of Associated Costs on Women and Households in Accra, Ghana, Naomi Lince, Kelly Blanchard, Nedialka Douptcheva, Richard Adanu, John Anarfi, Günther Fink, Allan Hill
  • The Weight of the Crisis: Evidence From Newborns in Argentina, Carlos Bozzoli, Climent Quintana-Domeque
  • Climate Variability and Infant Mortality in Africa, Jed Friedman

    Fifth Annual PopPov Conference 2011 Powerpoint Presentations
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