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Health and Social Support Among Women Treated for Abortion Complications in Western Uganda

  • January 2013
  • Journal Article
Lubinga, Solomon J.; Levine, Gillian A.; Jenny, Alisa M.; Ngonzi, Joseph; Mukasa-Kivunike, Peter; Stergachis, Andy & Babigumira, Joseph B.

Publication Title: Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

Pages: 1-8

Abstract: While the impact of abortion complications on clinical outcomes and healthcare costs has been reported, we found no reports of their impact on Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL), nor the role of social support in moderating such outcomes. In this study, we performed an assessment of the relationship between abortion complications, HRQoL and social support among women in Uganda. We interviewed women who were discharged after treatment for abortion complications and, as a comparison, women visiting a regional referral hospital for routine obstetric care. Our study suggests that abortion complications are associated with diminished HRQoL and the magnitude of the association depends on social support. However, the mediating role of social support in a setting of social and legal proscriptions to induced abortion is complex.


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