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Impact of Scholarships on Schooling in Cambodia

  • 2010-2011
  • Project
Filmer, Deon, World Bank

Study: “Impact of Scholarships on Schooling in Cambodia”
PI(s): Filmer, Deon
Affiliation(s): World Bank
Institutional Partner(s): World Bank
Project Dates:
Start: 2010
End: 2011
Data Source(s): Panel Data
Geographic Location(s): Cambodia

This study builds on a long-run follow up study of Cambodian children–male and female–who applied for a secondary school scholarship program in 2005. This study evaluates the impact of the program and the resulting increase in school attainment, on a variety of outcomes among adolescents such as learning outcomes, life-skills, knowledge about healthy behaviors and risk taking. One of the indicators of particular interest is marriage and fertility among girls, and how it interacts with their schooling and ultimate economic well-being.

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