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Introduction to Special Issue of the European Journal of Population: ‘Economic Consequences of Low Fertility in Europe’

  • 2010
  • Journal Article
Bloom, David E. & Sousa-Poza, Alfonso

Publication Title: European Journal of Population

Pages: 127-139

Abstract: This special issue of the European Journal of Population focuses on possible economic consequences of low fertility in Europe. This introduction reviews the history of falling fertility in Europe and the literature that explores its causes, its potential implications, and possible policy responses. It also summarizes the evolution of thinking about the relationship between population growth and economic development, with attention to recent work on the mechanisms through which fertility decline can spur economic growth if the necessary supporting conditions are met. The introduction also identifies some of the challenges of population ageing that are associated with low fertility and suggests that there may be less reason for alarm than has been suggested by some observers. The articles that appear in this special issue are also summarized.


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