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Microeconomic Impact of HIV Disease Among Female Bar Workers and Female Hotel Workers in Northern Tanzania

  • 2006-2008
  • Project
Ao, Tony, Harvard University

Study: “Microeconomic Impact of HIV Disease among Female Bar Workers and Female Hotel Workers in Northern Tanzania”
PI(s): Ao, Tony
Affiliation(s): Harvard University
Institutional Partner(s): PRB Dissertation Fellow
Project Dates:
Start: 2006
End: 2008
Data Source(s): World Bank’s Living Standards Measurement Study
Multivariate logistic regression; propensity score matching
Geographic Location(s): Tanzania

This research explores the possible impact of HIV status on individual-level economics in a marginalized population. It aims to identify differences in economic outcomes between HIV-positive women and HIV-negative women. The monthly income of women working in bars and hotels in Moshi, Tanzania is remarkably low regardless of HIV status, highlighting the need for economic development programs for this marginalized group. Greater reported use of medicine among HIV-positive women suggests that subsidized medical services for this population might help limit income and savings loss. When comparing economic outcomes of HIV-positive women and HIV-negative women, no differences are found in savings, work productivity, and health-seeking behavior, except that a higher proportion of HIV-positive women report using medication (p-value=0.0004). The findings indicate that the link between economic status and HIV infection is debatable.

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