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The Effects of Population Dynamics on Economic Growth in Nigeria

  • 2014
  • Journal Article
Olabiyi, Kehinde Ajike

Publication Title: Research Journal of Economics

Abstract: The study investigated the effects of population dynamics on the economic growth in Nigeria for the period of 1980 to 2010 by specifically determining the effects of fertility and infant mortality rates on the economic growth. The study used annual secondary data on infant mortality rate, fertility rate, and openness from World Development Indicators; government expenditure, saving and real Gross Domestic Product from Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletins; and primary school enrollment from various issues of the Annual Abstract of Statistics by National Bureau of Statistics. The data were analyzed using Vector Auto Regressive econometric techniques. The results showed that decrease in fertility rate increased economic growth rate gradually from 3.3% to 7.9% for horizon of 12 years during the period of the study. Also, an increase in infant mortality rate increased economic growth rate from 0.6% to 15.9 % for horizon of 12 years.


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